Dr. Olu Agboola: Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Agboola graduated from the Medical School of University of Ibadan Nigeria in 1971. He completed his residency training in Radiation Oncology at UWO London, Ontario in 1978 and he obtained Fellowship in Radiation Oncology from MacMaster University Hamilton, Ontario. He was Fellow in Radiation Oncology at the University of Alberta 1980-81.

Dr. Agboola practiced as a consultant Radiation Oncologist at The Ottawa Hospitaol and as Associate Professor of Radiology, University of Ottawa until 2012

His previously held positions include, Director of Radiation Oncology Residency Training Program, University of Ottawa; Head of Dept. of Radiotherapy University of Ibadan, Nigeria; Head of Dept. of Radiation Oncology Ottawa Hospital (Civic Divand Deputy Head of Dept. until 2012.

Dr. Agboola

Dr. Agboola has published several peer reviewed articles as member of Ontario Provincial Gastro-Intestinal Practice Guidelines Committee and singularly on Gastro-intestinal cancers, Brain Tumors and Lung cancers.