Cancer Assessment Clinic

The Cancer Evaluation and Follow-up Clinic at SLMC

is accepting new referrals for:

  • Evaluation, investigation and staging of suspected new cancers
  • Possible recurrence of previously diagnosed cancers
  • Evaluation of a full range of cancers
  • Follow-up of discharged patients from the Cancer Centre
  • Patients requiring cancer therapy will be referred to the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre after FULL evaluation and staging
  • Priority scheduling when necessary
  • Consult letters sent promptly

Please include with the referral:

  • Patient medical history
  • All pertinent test results if available (CT scan, Ultrasound, Bloodwork, Colonoscopy)


  • Referral Fax Number: (613) 789-0223
  • Clinic Phone Number: (613) 789-4385

Patients are seen with 10 days!